SILVER LIGHT WORKS™ is a resource to photographers, publishers and galleries for PrePress workstations that produce Fine Art Photographic Prints, Fine Art Giclee Prints, Books and other digital media.

We are systems integration advisors: Computer Workstations, Calibrated Monitors, High Resolution Professional Drum and Flatbed Scanners, Digital Cameras, Image Processing Software, RIPS, Color Management Software and Hardware, Wide Format Professional InkJet Printers, Professional Color Laser Printers, DeskTop Printers, Proofers, media supplies and computer supplies.


We have been early adopters for Media, Professional Scanners, Color Management/Scanner/RIP software, SAN, FibreChannel RAID Storage NetWork Systems for large image files. Leading demonstration facilities and training centers provide workshops for Professional Photographers, Printers and Publishers that cover Photography, Scanning, Printing and Publishing with State-of the-Art examples of these products.